Magnetic coupling wireless power transfer technology

Safe for humans so it can be installed in domestic and industrial environments. Only resonant devices will absorb the transmitted energy.

+85% performance. 2x performance compared to RF. 60% to 85% of the energy reaches the target device against a 30% to 60% of the RF technology equivalent.

Flexible to adapt to different distances, powers and frequencies. From 5W to 10kW and up to 3m of distance.

Scalable in size and ready to power from 1 to many devices. From 5cm to 5m of coil diameter.

Patent protected to enable misalignment and dynamic correction. EU patent approved with number EP 3 528 365 B1. US patent with number 15/967,142 in evaluation process.

Chip design solution started its design with the target to be easily implemented in a chip.

Patented solution features

Dynamic resonance correction allows charging of moving objects to reach the maximum efficiency possible

Large transfer distance

In symmetrical planar coil design, power transfer over a distance of up to 3x coil diameter can be achieved.

Alignment freedom

Availability of up to 1/2x coil diameter radial misalignment tolerance while maintaining top performance.

Orientation freedom

Allows up to 45° angular misalignment relative to the transmitter coil while maintaining energy transfer.

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